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Our Story

The Humans Robotics team is an award-winning collection of young people from all over SoCal that represent New Roads School and the city of Santa Monica, California in the world of competitive robotics.

Its members come have come from all corners of the social-economic and ethnic spectrum but all share a curiosity for learning and passion for solving the technical problems of today and tomorrow.

All year round the Humans work on R&D and train new members on the skills set they will need for the build season where the team will create a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a league with 3700 teams from all over the world. On the field, the Humans have competed all over the state of California as well as traveled around North America including the World Championship in Houston, Texas.

The Humans was founded in 2013 and has been growing in size and scope since then, there are hundreds of Humans spanning the entire country. Talented individuals of conscience that have gone on succeeding academically, professionally, and personally. Our Human Family has made a giant impact on the lives of our members, families, community, and supporters. a robotics team that is a lot more than just about robots.


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